Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Jeans

A brief rant from a normally patient and happy Shop Sister: Is it really so much to ask for somebody to sell a pair of nice looking American made jeans?  Wow, I mean... Levis, Lucky Brand, llBeans, Lands End.... on and on.  I used to buy Lucky Brand because they were made in America.  Bought a couple pairs the other day... by the end of the day I had a red rash... husband said, "look at the label, maybe they don't make them in the USA anymore".  Sure enough... made in China.  Then I washed them, and those wrinkles they show where your leg bends... turned into puffs.  Yes, puffs... a half an inch high.  Really?  Oh so expensive jeans just got pitched.  I just don't get it. So I've been searching online for made in America women's jeans.  Well, first of all, if they aren't $300, they're still styled either for a teenager, or for the woman that belts her jeans just under her breasts... oiy.  I thought... of course... llBeans... made in Maine right?  Not so, not so.  I found a site (Diamond Gusset ) that bragged about their made in America jeans... Tennessee made... well, yes, but when I tried to buy my size, I got a message box that said: "Your chosen quantity is not available for ordering. Please come back and order later." So either they sell out quickly... or they were just taunting me!  What's a girl raised on jeans... supposed to do???? OK done ranting.  Don't worry, be happy! 

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