Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dads-gotta love 'em.
They come in all shapes and sizes, different temperments, different hobbies. Although our Dad never gave us horsey-back-rides, he had a great imagination and was great at making things for us to play with.  He actually made us a merry-go-round and a sliding board when we were kids, our sandbox was really a big old wooden row boat. And he made doll furniture, such beautiful doll furniture.  He wasn't a huggy-kissy kind of Dad, didn't like physical gestures of love, but we knew he loved us.  Funny, you pick and choose the parts of your parents habits and personalities that you want to be a part of who you are. My mother was always so crabby in the talking to her until she had a truck load of coffee in her. But good old Dad, he would come down the stairs in the morning and give her a loud "Good morning apple pie dumpling", with a big smile on his face, just to get her goat (and believe got her goat.) Anyway, I decided at an early age, I was going to be like my father in the morning, ready for the day and not crabby!!!   We miss both our parents dearly, so be sure to make lots of good memories and give Dad a real big hug and kiss on Father's Day...whether he is a huggy-kissy kind of dad or not!!
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

 School Days, school days, good old golden rule la la

Well, they are almost over for this year. Don't forget your teacher! This pretty print would make them feel soooo good if you presented it to your child's teacher, or your own teacher for that matter. I have thought of going to school in my later years so many times. Just seems like so much effort to me now! Hmm, what would I take? I imagine it would be art courses, I never had any formal art training, nor did my sister for that matter, we are self taught, and have good artistic genes too, that always helps. We go into an art store, and if we could, would purchase practically everything, but not have a clue as to what to do with it.  That is why we need to thank our teachers, because they steer us in the right direction and help us find the right path.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where have we been?!?!

I am clueless as to where we have been...time flies by so quickly.  Was it really Christmas the last time we spoke?  And here we are on the heels of Mother's Day.

You would think we would be better at this blog writing not so much, but I can blame my "little" sister - she is the English major. (It is why God created little blame stuff on.)

 In fact she has taken to putting her creative-English-major pen to paper in a new print we have up on Etsy...Boy and His Dog...Friends

We have lots of new prints  up on Etsy TheShopSisters, They are so colorful and inspirational. That is what we need...inspiration to stay current on this blog!

Actually, we shop sisters live in two different states, but we are having a meeting of the minds in one city this Saturday, we will probably spend more time eating and chatting than taking care of business! Eh...I think better on a full stomach.

 It is fun having your own online "shop" to play with, but haven't you ever gone into a neat little store somewhere with lots of fascinating things to look at and touch? And haven't you dreamed that you would one day have a shop of your own to play with? I bet you have. Well, I guess Etsy is the closest store most of us will ever have.

Ok, I am off to dust off the prints in our "shop"...really just going to check if little sister is there too, better have a cup of coffee ready for me - 'cause you know - that is why He created little sisters - to wait on you.