Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing.

"Oh look! Over there! I see one! Oh no, you missed them again."

Ha, this is what my mother would say to us in the car to keep us awake, she had us looking for elves everywhere. She was a firm believer in the wee little folk. You see, her initials are "E.L.F." 

And we believe that set the tone for her love of fantasy, teaching we sisters to have a special affection for elves, yes...Mom was quite the imaginative play lady.

We grew up believing in elves, fairies, Jack Frost and Suzy Snowflake, although we never saw them, our mother always prompted us to keep the faith. I even remember setting my dolls up at night in certain positions, so that I could check them the next see if they moved during the night when they played!!

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Oh no, don't go yet! Wait...I see one...look over there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh rats, you just missed them, there were elves over there... really.