Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day

Yep, Mother's Day is coming! Boy, time is flying by this year. April is almost over. We've been cleaning in our "shop"  (you know...the etsy shop) and have some new items stocked on the shelves. Wee sister made some awesome Karate/Tae Kwon Do prints with her silhouettes. How great to frame these and hang them in your child's room, each one printed with the color belt they have achieved, and their name with the date. Sooo cool.
Oops, already off the Mother subject. Our Mother isn't around anymore, but is certainly with us in spirit.  In her honor, I still peel the outer layer off of a stalk of celery before using...she had a a thing about that, I can still hear her scolding me..believe me, I don't want to make her mad now!! You also couldn't use the same kitchen towel to dry your hands and then use it for dishes...whoa Nellie, you could be in the doghouse for that one.  If you got her a cup of coffee, be sure you only gave her the yellow cup, even tho the white cups were exactly the same. I always thought she was a little eccentric about these things, but oddly enough, I find I have developed some odd ball rules myself. Couldn't possible be an age thing...could it?!?

You may find some of your parents habits annoying, but trust us, you will miss those scoldings when they are gone, so give your Mama a big hug and make sure you let her know how much you love her (even if she just wacked you on the back of the head for doing something stupid).    

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