Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Got the Blues...bla bla bla

Boy, I hate when I get into a funk like this.  What is my problem???? I am feeling bored, so I need to start a new project.  So, what I started this morning was really really really cleaning my bedroom,  I am tired of living with the dust bunnies, they are taking over my space and it is time for them to go to outside.
So, that helped my mood a tad.  Now you will never guess what my next project is to brighten my mood, this is a strange new underwear!!  TA DA!!  How funny is that.  So, tomorrow, when my hubby goes out of town, I am off to the mall, life is looking better;  have the house to myself, have a clean bedroom, have new underwear...and oh yes, one more thing.  New pencil/pen from the office store.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, lightens your load like a new pen/pencil and pad of paper.  True bliss.

And then I am off to my art room to paint, yes, I need to my new underwear... 

Here is what the Shop Sisters look like when wearing new underwear...HA!! See, we are happy happy happy happy!!

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