Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"The Wind in The Willows"

"Do you believe in spooks... I do , I do..." Last Friday, I, the younger half of this sister team, could not sleep!  I got up at 3:30 - poured a cup of coffee, and made a list.  Couple hours later, and another cupful, I found myself outside wandering around the neighborhood yards looking at what had grown overnight.  One neighbor had put some items on the tree lawn for reuse or to pitch.  Being the good antique dealer's daughter that I am... yes, I heard the call from Mom and Dad up above... I went to pick that pile clean.  But all I took was the first thing that caught my eye.  An old copy of "The Wind in the Willows."  Now, do you believe in signs....? Because I certainly do!  I have been wanting to read this book... never did as a child.  But oddly, I collect frogs and toads... and those that know the book... it's chock full of them!  Add to it that this particular copy was printed in the year of my birth.  Add to it that the illustrations are by Arthur Rackham... my all time favorite book illustrator. Add to it that he's quite famous for his silhouettes... and hey... it's all about the cutting with us these days... more to come later on that.  AND the handwritten inscription to the owner: "I expect you have been here before - but I think it is the only world to live in.  Bless you for your help."  -- Applies to we sisters in a freaky kind of way! So yes, Mom and Dad, we hear you... "You're out of the woods, You're out of the dark, You're out of the night...Step into the sun, Step into the light..."

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