Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Adventure Eve

Well, here it is, Adventure Eve, wee young sister and I are meeting in the middle of the state to participate in a 5k race and to tweak our tweaks for the new Shopsister store. Our parents would be so proud of our new shop, even though it is online. We have so much planned for our 3 day get-a-way, but knowing us, we may just sit around and do nothing but play with our shop! We are also celerating our birthdays together, wee young one is the 27th and mine is the 28th...different years, of course. We are bringing our creations to the table, pooling our ideas and hope we can prepare a date for our grand opening. We will be wearing our shirts shown in the picture, the picture on the front is a copy of a painting our father painted on one of the World War II planes Dad maintained during the war. Some of our cutting tools we bring to the table were our mother's. They are our support system for now, although it is just in spirit. Well, of course, our husbands support us too, but they just look at the creative mess we make and shake their heads...I don't think they quite get what it is to be a creative freaking weird starving artist.   (well..forget the starving part, no problem there..but that is another story.)
So, we are off to the races!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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